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Being part of the solution, one community at a time

about Maggie & Me

I met a woman some odd years ago, the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. A spirit as sweet as honey and heart big enough to swallow the universe. Unfortunately, her time here expired sooner than expected. This beautiful mother left behind a well for us to draw from. Maggie Snipe died in May of 2008 as a result of complications from a cancer diagnosis. Her life was built around serving others and remaining  committed to her deeply rooted spiritual beliefs. In honor of her service to others, MaggiE and Me was created to carry on the legacy of a warrior by supporting the initiatives of reputable non profit organizations in the community.

Who Is Ken Snipe? 

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown."

Kendra Snipe formed her limited liability company through a marriage between her passion for helping others overcome adversity and her skills in organizational strategy. Maggie & Me is the community advocacy arm of her KSE brand and Organizational Development (OD) by Design is its business development and consulting arm.

After earning multiple college degrees, Snipe found herself without a career opportunity so she put her skills and training to work and formed Ken Snipe Enterprises, LLC. It began as a seed from a planned “cause event” for a close friend diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Snipe’s friend shared the diagnosis and asked for support. Snipe felt she had to do something so she made a few contacts and planned a gala that included a live band, auction items, a photo center and even a comedian. Everything was either donated or provided at a small cost. That was the birth of Maggie & Me.

We don’t plan baby showers or weddings!” Snipe emphasizes. A ‘for cause event’ is an event planned for a cause, she explains. A need has to be addressed in conjunction with the event or Maggie & Me won’t take on the task, Snipe explained.

“For example, a family member was in need of a kidney transplant so Maggie & Me was asked to organize a concert that raised not only funds, but awareness about kidney disease in black communities. The event focused on knowing the signs (of kidney disease) and taking full advantage of resources that exist, which often can be a challenge in our community. Maggie and Me aimed to dispel myths and make folks think about how they take care of themselves and those they love. We had the Kidney Foundation come out. A 3-time kidney transplant survivor came out and shared her experience and musicians came to Wadmalaw Island from all over the Charleston area.”


After Snipe found a career opportunity, the time she could spend planning ‘cause events’ became limited. And she consults as part of OD by Design when time permits. But since she lost her mother to cancer in 2008, Snipe said, “I felt an indescribable void. I need to be around diverse women who pour into me and we can pour into each other – sharing connections, lessons and judgment-free experiences.”

So in 2014 she created Pour Into Me: A Brunch for Multi-Generation Women. “It renews me. We (women) have to keep getting to know each other in order to really maximize our collective power. True collective power comes not from walking in defense but in understanding both the intent of a woman and her limitations,” she said.



Connecting the right people to a common cause


To promote initiatives aimed at building a stronger community. This is made 
possible by planning, promoting, and executing cause marketing events.

Jennifer "Jiffy" Caywood-Williams

“I’m so excited and honored to serve the women who attend the Pour Into Me: A Brunch for Multi-Generation Women. As the premier chef I want these women to be feel empowered for all the great contributions and advocacy they do for their communities.”


Jennifer "Jiffy" Caywood-Williams is an artist and New Orleans native who recently moved to the Charleston area. Her husband, Landon, is an instructor at Naval Weapon Station Charleston. She has 5 tuxedo cats, Mazzy, Mardi, Menses, Micro, and Marco. She’s a private chef, artist, and designer. She became a private Chef after her appearance on MasterChef Season 8. She owns Second Chances Art & Vintage.  Her art reflects Native American and New Orleans culture. She is part of the Lumbee Nation. Jennifer also serves as the Communication Director for the Indigenous Women’s Alliance of South Carolina.

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